Charities & not-for-profit

Every charity and not-for-profit organisation is unique with a continually evolving set of needs. We understand that every penny is crucial and that best value is often an over-riding factor in your decision making.

Our objective is to help you prosper in a highly demanding environment whether you operate in research, health, social welfare, education, conservation, citizenship or religious and overseas aid activities.

Being faced with numerous pressures include raising funds, managing your finances, meeting stakeholder demands and keeping on top of the constantly changing regulatory and legal framework, you need close personal support, which is our speciality.

The charity and not-for-profit sector is technically complicated and highly regulated. Our specialist team comprises partners and senior professionals with extensive experience. Your affairs are handled by a partner who provides a focal point and ensures that work undertaken by the specialist department is delivered to the highest quality. In addition, our global association means that you can be confident that we can provide the right solution to your local, national and international needs.